Mission Statement

Bread Head's mission is to empower youth experiencing housing insecurity with food literacy, life skills, and positive relationships. With our intentional community, we hope to inspire personal growth, independence, and balanced living.  


About Us

Bread Head was founded in 2016 by Celeste Dunoyer. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and a current psychology student at Antioch University Los Angeles. Celeste is active in nonprofit work dedicating her time to helping the homeless community. Celeste believes that everyone who lives within a community has a voice, and deserves the opportunity to be heard and seen. 

Having spent several years in homeless outreach, Celeste became aware of the isolation that many experience when they are moved from the streets into housing. After being housed, formerly homeless clients often feel disconnected, both from the community they left on the streets and from the mainstream society in which they are now expected to participate. This makes the transition from homeless to housed all the more difficult. Celeste hopes to bridge this gap, and to foster new community for recently housed clients through culinary life skills classes. Not only do Bread Head’s group cooking classes give clients the skills to feed themselves healthful food, but they also help integrate clients into a new community of like individuals, ultimately making the transition to mainstream society more fluid.